Are You Facing Even Tougher Competition?

Is Seasonality Killing Your Profits?

A Dealership Opportunity for Contractors Who Want More

Attic Systems Can Help You Solve These Problems!

Adding attic insulation to your existing contracting business is

easy, in-demand, and highly profitable with Attic Systems!

Adding attic upgrade services will help you solve these major constraints on the growth of your business. Air sealing and insulating attics adds to and completes the home comfort solutions your team delivers to your customers, differentiating you from the competition. Demand for attic upgrade services grows and peaks during the time your HVAC business slows, softening seasonality and the negative impact this has on your profits.

Attic Systems is an insulation dealership business opportunity for home improvement contractors that are already doing work in or around attics. It's a natural fit for HVAC, pest control, and roofing contractors. Attic Systems is a part of Contractor Nation, the largest network of home improvement specialty contractors in North America. Our mission is to be a company that contractors love by equipping them for even greater success!

How Does Attic Systems Get You Into the Market to Grow Your Business EASILY?

•    Sales Training Program
•    Production Training Program
•    Proprietary “Book of Solutions”
•    Award-Winning Sales Software
•    24/7 Online Training
•    Marketing Programs
•    Online Lead Generation

•    Audio/Video Production
•    Exclusive Products
•    Customer Financing
•    Management Training Program
•    Hiring & Customer Service Programs
•    Appointment Center Program
•    Business and field support...and more!

Our tried-and-true processes and systems have been refined over the last 30+ years and have helped thousands of contractors grow their businesses!

Easy Add-On Service!

Get your team trained quickly and easily. Start generating revenue within your first 60 days!


77 million homes need insulation, especially your customer's homes. Stop letting other contractors take your business!

Highly Profitable!

Attic Systems jobs have a $4,000 - $8,000 average ticket size. Generate $700,000 in your first year!

30+ Years Experience, 700+ Dealers, & Hundreds of Success Stories! 

Brian Winkelman

Rodney Massey

Johnny Norton

"They offered the structure that our company needed. Our production, sales, and office teams have all benefited from the training and support that Attic Systems provides and continues to our company."

"We wanted to offer different services than our competitors.  We are able to come in and offer a complete solution and that’s something none of my competitors can do."

“The training here is outstanding. The amount of effort and time that had to go into building the website and the leads is just something that we could never accomplish."


Binghamton, NY

Winkelman Heating

Dumas, TX

Seneca, SC

Dealer Testimonials

Attic Systems contractors offer additional services to generate revenue from their existing customer base and market these services to new customers. By using our proven marketing, sales and installation systems, Attic System dealers can upsell additional attic and duct air sealing and insulation services on sales and service calls on their existing sales calls, as well as new customers.

Our processes are fully documented, including scripts, methods, tools and support materials you will need to quickly develop successful sales people. We hold live Sales Boot Camps at "Energy City," our world-class, 40,000 square foot training facility several times a year, but you and your staff will have access to a wealth of audio and video trainings - which you can use in your own local sales and production meetings.

The sales process incorporates our "Book of Solutions", detailing over 30 problem building assemblies that cause comfort and energy wasting issues for homeowners, and the solutions you sell and install to fix leaky attic floors and duct systems. These detailed descriptions cover virtually all the problems that you and your team will encounter in an attic. The Book of Solutions separates you from your competitors.

The Attic Systems program is designed to help you expand your service offering to your customers easily and profitably...

Why is Attic Systems Different?

Not a Franchise! - We are a dealership opportunity, so that means no long franchise contracts for you to sign or ridiculously high royalties to pay and you can quit at any time!

We Are Contractors - Unlike other franchise/business opportunities, our program was built for contractors by contractors. Our models were created from hands-on experience, with many years of relentless testing in our own market. Tried-and-true!

350+ Employee Support Team - We have a dedicated team that is here for you! Sales, production, marketing, management training etc., the support you need, when you need it!

The Largest Training Center in the World - It's true. We have a 40,000 sq. ft. training facility that was designed to help train your team quickly and comprehensively.

Learn More About Our Dealership Opportunity Today!

There is minimal investment needed to get started, and our team of dealer support experts are available to you to help you implement the program in your business. Find out more today! (territories limited)

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